Senior Mechanical Engineer

Lyra Electronics is a growth-stage high-technology engineering company working at the leading edge of power electronics and battery technologies.
With established roots in motorsport and the automotive industry, Lyra Electronics serves the growing demands of any industry that is looking to embrace electrification to improve its cost performance and environmental footprint. 

Lyra specialises in high efficiency, compact and high performance DC-DC converters, motor drive inverters, battery management systems and other power electronics topologies to support electrification of all industries.
We at Lyra Electronics are looking to recruit the highest calibre engineers to join our highly motivated team to make their own contribution to a fast growing company in a fast moving industry.

About the role
Power electronics requires a synergy between electronics engineering to drive fundamental function, and mechanical engineering to ensure thermal management, production feasibility, durability and service life.
As a senior engineer, reporting to the Engineering Manager, you will take responsibility for the technical delivery of one or more projects and ensure that the team of engineers on those projects understand their tasks and responsibilities.
You will have a strong understanding of dynamics, static and thermal loading and will have experience in the appropriate use of materials to achieve appropriate mechanical properties.
Ideally, you will be familiar with automotive design requirements, fatigue behaviours and will have some experience in working with, or working alongside an expert in, CAE packages.
You will take ownership for your own tasks and will endeavour to deal with issues using your own acumen.
You will communicate closely with the Project Management team and will escalate issues when appropriate. You will integrate your own methods and ideas in order to deliver the company's technical innovations.

Lastly, you will enjoy working as part of a close knit team where every individual's contribution matters and where you will have the freedom to interact directly with every member of the business..

Minimum educational qualifications
• Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.

Previous Experience
· you will have a minimum of five years working within a field of mechanical design or simulation
· you will have coached one or more junior engineers

Other advantageous skills
· knowledge of the use of simulation software
· experience of working with electric vehicles
· good mechanical ability, e.g. experience of machine shops, product assembly
· experience of Solidworks CAD software
· working understanding of electronics
· familiarity with high voltage (e.g. electric vehicle) working
· design for manufacture and assembly

To fulfil the role you will
· design cooling structures which effectively extract heat from power electronics devices and dissipate through liquid or air-cooling methods
· delivery of environmental performance on housings
· develop industry leading manufacturing processes for component cooling, 'busbar'
production and mechanical electronics connections
· work with power electronics engineers to deliver optimal package for power electronics devices
· support PCB component layout design to deliver appropriate durability under static, dynamic, and thermal loading
· support product documentation (e.g. design notes, bills of materials, user manuals)
· understand the implications of ISO26262
· write and interpret specifications and requirements
· ensure adherence to requirements documentation
· support the development of, and ensure adherence to, project plans
· be familiar with ASIL ratings and Functional Safety
· be capable of the highest quality of communication to the Project Management team, the Engineering Manager, and customers
· be comfortable working directly with customers including, from time to time, on site at their
· understand the importance of test, quality assurance and release processes and assure strict to these at all time
· demonstrate a self-motivated approach to problem solving

Benefits & Salary
· unlimited Leave
· Lyra contributes 5% towards each staff members pension scheme contribution
· Group Life Insurance (4 times basic annual salary)
· Employee Assistance Programme

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