Lyra Electronics

Lyra Electronics

Lyra is an agile company focusing on innovation in the field of power electronics to support the global transition to electricity as a fundamental source of local energy for transportation, mobility and industry.

Our team at Lyra is particularly proud of developing green and efficient technology, maximising capacities while at the same time minimising weight and costs to meet our customers' energy challenges of the future.

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Consultancy, Design and Development

Lyra's growth is based on its innovation and focus on new technologies.

We balance performance - a specific focus on power density and energy efficiency - with a core understanding that cost and reliability remain fundamental requirements in all industries.



Lyra supplies products to a wide partnership base and licenses its IP to support volume manufacturing.

Lyra is always focussing on better and is happy to develop bespoke design solutions for any application.


September 2011

Dr. Pete James and Mike Evans found Lyra Electronics


January: Lyra recruits its first employee and wins its first Innovative UK government research grant to develop active battery balancing for lithium-ion cells

June: Lyra establishes a relationship to support high precision electronics for medical test equipment. 

Lyra starts a project with Chargemaster PLC to design a new 50kW rapid charger for Electric Vehicles


April: Lyra secures a project with Bladon Jets to design 12kW and 3kW power supplies for a gasturbine generator

September: Lyra relocates to its current premises on Warwick University Wellesbourne campus


April: Lyra starts £0.5m commercial project to design and build lithium-ion battery cell tester with bidirectional power control and return-to-grid for a large American company

August: Lyra secures a highly innovative £80k commercial project to design and build a motor drive and DC-DC converter for a very high altitude aircraft


January: Lyra grows to ten employees

March: Lyra establishes royalty licensing for its intellectual property

October: Lyra secures a £1.9m grant funded project ESCAPE to develop 100kW - 500kW ultra rapid vehicle charging technology

December: Lyra secures £1.3m grant funded project CompETe to develop an Electronic Drive Unit for Jaguar Land Rover and a 150kW - 350kW motor drive inverter product suite for commercial sale


January: Lyra takes on board Matt Taylor as Chief Operating Officer

March: Lyra starts £1m commercial project to design and build DC-DCs and OnBoard Chargers for a large Japanese manufacturer

June: Lyra takes on board Malcolm Smith as Engineering Manager

August: Lyra starts £2.4m grant funded project @FutureBEV to develop an integrated motor drive inverter powerstage for BMW and an integrated motor drive inverter

September: Lyra secures a £4.1m grant funded project HiVibes to develop integrated DC-DC and On Board Charger for Jaguar Landrover and standalone DC-DC and On Board Charger for Lyra sales


Lyra grows to thirty employees

our leaders

Pete James
Co-Founder and Director
Mike Evans
Matt Taylor
Chief Operating Officer
Malcolm Smith
Engineering Manager