Mechanical Engineer

How do you plan to engineer the green revolution?

Do you have what it takes, and you would you like to contribute significantly to the success of a growing Electronics team? 

Our offer to you, at Lyra Electronics, is an environment where you can do this.

We at Lyra are looking to recruit the highest calibre personnel to join our highly motivated and friendly team, making their own contribution to a company at the forefront of a fast-moving industry.

Lyra Electronics is a growth-stage high-technology engineering company working at the leading edge of power electronics. We serve the growing demands of companies looking to embrace electrification to improve the performance and efficiency of their products, while reducing their costs and environmental footprint.

Lyra Electronics specialises in high efficiency, compact and high-performance DC-DC converters, motor drive inverters, on board chargers and other power electronics topologies to support electrification in all sectors.

About the role

Power electronics requires collaborative working between electronics engineering and mechanical engineering to ensure thermal management, production feasibility, durability, and service life.

As a Mechanical Engineer, reporting to the Mechanical Engineering Team Leader, you will take responsibility for the technical delivery of one or more projects and ensure that the tasks assigned to you are completed in a timely and conscientious fashion. Continued close communication with the relevant project leads is required.

You will produce SolidWorks CAD models and associated drawings of complex cooling structures with an eye to manufacturability and cost effectiveness at all times. To assess the effectiveness of these designs you will be required to conduct mechanical and thermal analysis.

You will have the opportunity to integrate your own methods and ideas in order to deliver the company's technical innovations. 


Simulate, Model, and Validate Cooling Structures:

- Conduct detailed simulations and modelling to design cooling structures that efficiently extract heat from power electronics devices.

- Validate these designs through rigorous testing, considering both liquid and air cooling methods.

SolidWorks CAD Design and Prototyping:

- Utilize SolidWorks to create innovative and efficient CAD designs.

- Develop associated drawings and guide designs from prototype build to volume manufacturing.

Sealing System Design and Testing:

- Design and rigorously test sealing systems for optimal environmental performance on housing components.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes:

- Spearhead the development of industry-leading manufacturing processes for machined, sheet metal, and polymer parts.

Mechanical-Electronics Integration:

- Specify mechanical connections and interfaces for seamless integration with electronic components.

- Collaborate with electronics engineers to optimize package size and functionality.

PCB Component Layout and Durability:

- Support PCB component layout design, ensuring durability under static, dynamic, and thermal loading conditions.

Comprehensive Documentation:

- Produce thorough product documentation, including design notes, bills of materials, and user manuals.

Quality and Safety Adherence:

- Apply rigorous quality and safety standards throughout project execution.

- In house prototyping

- At Lyra we build and test our products in house. Mechanical dexterity and ability is required.

Customer-Centric Approach:

- Interpret product requirements from customer specifications and ensure strict adherence.

- Effectively communicate design concepts to multiple stakeholders, including direct interaction with customers.

Company Values and Self-Driven Problem Solving:

- Adhere to company policies and procedures related to testing, quality, and documentation release.

- Demonstrate a proactive and self-motivated approach to solving engineering challenges.

- This role offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to Lyra Electronics’ cutting-edge work in power electronics! 

Advantageous skills

- Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
- Knowledge of the use of simulation software - both CFD and FEA.
- Interest in 3D printing technologies.
- Good mechanical ability, e.g. experience of machine shops, product assembly
- Experience of SolidWorks CAD software
- Working understanding of electronics
- Familiarity with high voltage (e.g. electric vehicle) working
- Design for manufacture and assembly

Practical and technical knowledge

- Knowledge of project management and product planning processes.
- Understanding of manufacturing systems and processes.
- experience of taking a product from conception through to production

Company Benefits
- Unlimited leave
- 5% employer’s pension contribution
- Salary sacrifice pension scheme available
- Group life insurance (four times basic annual salary) with Employee Assistance Programme
- Group income protection insurance
- Optional private medical insurance
- Continuous professional development (CPD).

Please note that this is not a visa sponsored role

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